Butterfly Jewelry butterfly earrings by IloveMyDogJewelry on Etsy



The perfect pair!

My jewelry has a purpose beyond the creation of beautiful adornments. I believe in the power of gratitude and giving and I love creating for the benefit of animals. I am a volunteer rescue worker. I work with some very wonderful groups that drive rescue pets to their new homes. My jewelry sales improve the lives of homeless and abused animals through sheltering, adoption, education and advocacy, as well as the prevention of animal cruelty. Always remember when you are wearing my beautiful jewelry you are helping a beautiful creature. You can feel good knowing that someone besides you benefits from your purchase… Look great and make a difference. I create jewelry that I personally wear every day. I love to create jewelry that is very simple, delicate and feminine.

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Source: Butterfly Jewelry butterfly earrings by IloveMyDogJewelry on Etsy