Mrs. ring dish by WildwoodLettering on Etsy


These ring dishes make a great gift for the bride to be or newlywed. Give this ring dish (or a set!) at an engagement party, bridal shower or wedding. This item is hand lettered with the word Mrs. in black or gold ink on a white ceramic dish. Dishes with the word Mr. are also available. Dishes come in a circle shape and are 2 wide. Since the ring dishes are hand-lettered they will vary slightly. Have a custom word you would like inside the dish? Just ask! Lots of engagement gift boxes can be found at Thanks for looking

Source: Mrs. ring dish by WildwoodLettering on Etsy

The Best Life Lessons We Learned From Children’s Books – Southern Living


They still have a lot to teach us. Children’s books are full of wisdom. They contain some of the most important, well said, and beautifully told advice that can be found in the literary world. It sticks with us long after we’ve graduated to chapter books, and it is formative. This advice applies to elementary school, grown-up life, and beyond. It’s true though, after childhood, we tend to leave the children’s books on the shelves to gather dust. That is, until our kids reach for them and we rediscover them once more. Revisit your favorites, from Corduory to The Berenstain Bears, and remember the lessons they taught you growing up. We would do well to reread a kid’s book every now and again. They have lots to teach us at every stage of life. We should treasure their simple lessons, because they always, always apply.

Source: The Best Life Lessons We Learned From Children’s Books – Southern Living