Robyn Kearns’s Personal Page for 2017 Walk for Hospice

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Your Mother is always with you.

She’s the whisper of the leaves as you walk down the street, she’s the smell of certain foods you remember, flowers you pick, the fragrance of life itself, she’s the cool hand on your brow when you’re not feeling well, she’s your breath in the air on a cold winter’s day. She is the sound of the rain that lulls you to sleep, the colors of a rainbow, she is Christmas morning.

Your Mother lives inside your laughter. And she’s crystallized in every tear drop. She’s the place you came from, your first home, and she’s the map you follow with every step you take. She’s your first love, your first friend, even your first enemy, but nothing on earth can separate you. Not time, not space . . . . . . . . . not even death!

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Source: Robyn Kearns’s Personal Page for 2017 Walk for Hospice

Team Joan

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Consider yourself lucky if you had the chance to have known my mom. She was one of the most amazing women I have ever known. As a good friend once said “your mom was truly a saint”. In Memory of Joan Kearns. (Joanie)

I will be taking part to help raise money for Hospice in memory of my mom. The care my mom received while in the hospice was outstanding. This year alone, Community Hospice will care for more than 4,000 local patients. All of the money raised always stays local, to ensure your friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones will have high quality hospice services whenever they may need them.

I am walking for The Community Hospice! The Walk for Hospice is Saturday, June 13, 2015. Help me help Hospice, support me as I raise funds and spread the word. It is easy to login and be part of the Walk for Hospice. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or Yahoo make it simple to get involved.