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Doesnt your jewelry deserve the comfort and luxury of Chewywowbe jewelry dish? Adorn your dresser, counter, or a just about any other surface with one of these and your favorite earrings will have a home they can be proud of. These darling dishes are great for keeping rings safe while you shower, do dishes, or sleep. Highly functional, highly aesthetic, and of course, topped off with handmade charm! Specs: -3 in diameter and about 0.125 thick -Made from polymer clay (not food safe) & gold leaf paint -0.5 high -Made in NYC Jewelry dish are made to order, and are handmade and rolled by me. Each dish is one-of-a-kind: patterns, thickness and exact shape vary somewhat from dish to dish. They are sealed with glaze to protect them from damage from liquids.

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Free To Be Me Rescue

Our goal is to never say no to a pet in need. We rescue local strays through shelters, owner surrenders and from puppy mills. Free to be me rescue

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NORBERT (@norbertthedog) • Instagram photos and videos

Norbert is a great many wonderful things.

He’s adorable.

Just look at the way his big saucer eyes look up at you, the way his tongue just sort of hangs there, the way his fluff…fluffs. There’s no denying how unbearably cute he is. You see him and you want to SQUEEZE him, but you don’t wanna accidentally squeeze him to pieces.

He’s a rescue dog!

In 2009, his mom, Julie Steines, fell in love with him after seeing him on Petfinder, then traveled across the country to bring him home. She immediately knew how special he was, and not just because of his unique genetic makeup (he’s a Chihuahua, Cairn Terrier, and Lhasa Apso mix, truly one of a kind).

NORBERT (@norbertthedog)

Source: NORBERT (@norbertthedog) • Instagram photos and videos

Home Is Where The Pug Is 🐶💖🌷 (@home_is_where_the_pug_is) • Instagram photos and videos















Proceeds from all jewelry sales are used to help precious animals in need.Visit my Etsy shop and choose something that you love ⬇

Source: Home Is Where The Pug Is 🐶💖🌷 (@home_is_where_the_pug_is) • Instagram photos and videos