I Love My Dog Jewelry


I will be donating a portion of my sales to A Purposeful Rescue (Arbuckle’s rescue group) charity for the month of January.

Rest in Peace sweet Arbuckle. I am so sad to hear about sweet Arby. May you run free and look down upon all of the sweet furbabies waiting for their forever homes. I just made a donation to @apurposefulrescue and will be making more. Shipping is free for the entire month of January.

Some back story on Arbuckle the Unicorn: he was a severely overweight stray, living with hypothyroidism on the streets of LA. He was very close to shutting down when he was rescued by A Purposeful Rescue. He was adopted into a wonderful pack by his moms Jane and Jennifer. He lost his weight but just when he got healthy he had a babesis attack that wreaked havoc on his kidneys, and he passed away on January 14, 2019.

(From @TheArbyShop)
RIP sweet Arbuckle. I painted this Flying Arbuckle piece on the day he passed away, as a way to hold him close to me the only way I could. I love thinking of him running free, with no pain or fear or booties to hold him back. The hearts are meant to represent all the thousands of people whose lives he touched. I hope we can all take the love we had for him and spread it around to others — whether it’s another dog who needs to be rescued, or to humans who also need a second chance, or to those who might be struggling with their own personal battles.


Source: I Love My Dog Jewelry

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